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Fruit and Vegetables
Freezing Plant






The Partnership “ELDOM” has been carrying out its business activities since 1991. The first carried out until now business activity is distribution and service of household appliances and radio and television equipment. The fruit and vegetables freezing plant was launched in 1996 on the basis of the processing plant of a long tradition in the fruit and vegetables industry, whose history reaches early 60. Nowadays “ELDOM” is the modern enterprise of exclusively Polish capital delivering deep frozen fruit and vegetables to numerous reputable companies and partnerships abroad and in Poland. The Partnership is specialized in processing of deep frozen vegetables such as: onion, courgette, tomato, rhubarb, leek as well as deep frozen fruits: strawberry, sour cherry. Red currants and black currants are processed as well but depending on the possibilities in the particular season. The products are generally sold in the industry kind of packaging: octabins, paper or plastic sacks, cartons. The significant part of the sales are deep frozen products in the catering kind of the packaging. Manufacture of products packed in PE bags of weight 300 g – 2500 g is increased each year. Processing is conducted in accordance with the Polish Quality Standards and internal standards of the Partnership. In case of particular requirement of our Customers the Partnership undertakes the production according to their requirements.

Good standing of the Partnership continuously allows to develop technologically and expand the plant which directly translate into achievement of ever better processing parameters.  It subsequently guarantees the satisfaction of cooperating with us leading  companies and partnerships from food sector abroad and in Poland.

The Partnership obtained the HACCP and ISO 9001:2000 in 2003 and 2 years later the Partnership was BRC certified. The Partnership obtained the consecutive certificate of ISO 22000:2005 in 2009.

Quality Management and Food Safety Systems in “ELDOM” are supervised by Lloyd’s Register. The Partnership “ELDOM” attaches the particular importance to the product safety of its products. The full traceability is ensured pursuant to the requirements of held quality certificates. The Fruit and Vegetables Producer Group was established in 2007, via which it is possible to conduct the control of the final product starting on the moment of purchase of the selected varieties seeds, through the selection of the appropriate plant protection products and fertilizers applied to the fields, to the control of the very technological process.

The Partnership as well as the plantations - the sources of raw material, are located in North Poland on areas with no industry development therefore the natural environment favours the healthy food production. The processing and sale of the organic fruit and vegetables has been being developed successfully on the basis of plenty of certified organic plantations which the Partnership “ELDOM” cooperates with for several years. Currently this is the one of the most dynamically developed business activities in the Partnership.

The motto of the Partnership’s business activity is always gaining the highest customer’s satisfaction which contributes directly to the increase of the Partnership’s turnover.  All of the employees of “ELDOM” endeavour always to comply with Customers’ expectations in regard to fulfilling the pending orders and long-term contracts as well as offered products.

The cooperation with our Partnership becomes a real pleasure by the great commitment of the entire staff.

We invite you kindly to the cooperation!

Serdecznie zapraszamy do współpracy!