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The first official reference to sour cherry fruits was noticed over 2 500 years ago. The Greeks wrote already about their cultivation ca. 300 BC. Sour cherry trees were that time especially appreciated due to high quality timber. The most popular is a theory that the sour cherry trees originate in Far East and more accurately – in Japan, the Country of Cherry Blossoms. The Japanese as the first ones admired beauty of cherry blossoms which have been actually worshipped by them. Sour cherries were brought to Europe by the Silk Road and only then they established in our continent. Grown originally by the Greeks, the sour cherries were brought by the Romans to Britain ca. 100 BC and then disseminated quickly all over Europe. The sour cherries have been grown in Poland since ca. the 10th century, mainly for a processing purpose but despite their acidic taste they are eaten raw, unprocessed.

Sour cherry stones were found in excavations of the oldest human settlements in the Alps. The sour cherries were eaten and used due their therapeutic, particularly antibacterial, properties already then i.e. 2 000 years ago. All sour cherries are rich in vitamins: A, C, carbohydrates, organic acids, pectin and bioflavonoids. The bioflavonoids are helpful in keeping health and fit. Beside that the sour cherries are rich in carotene, potassium, calcium and magnesium which combined with vitamin C are responsible for an assistance of muscles function, the cardiac and the cardiovascular system inclusive. The sour cherries contain B group vitamins which affect a keeping metabolic processes balance and a functioning of the   nervous system. The sour cherries have an anti-inflammatory effect. Sour cherry stones oil is used in a cosmetic industry for its properties.

The sour cherry is perfect fruit for compotes, frozen food, jellies, jams, purée and juices preparing. They may be used in wine, tincture, liqueur and other alcohols industry. The sour cherries are ingredients of: yoghurts, cream cheese and buttermilk as well as pastries and cakes. Furthermore they may be used as an ice cream garnish, coated with chocolate and eaten raw.