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10 mm
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Fresh onion

peeled and precooled

Onions were eaten by the Babylonians, the Sumerians, the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks (however they used to consider the onions to be food of paupers), and on the other side of the globe – by the Indians in Americas (a name of huge metropolis Chicago means “onion” in one of local Indians’ dialects). They were well-known in the Chinese Court. They were appearing in menus and on tables of peasants, burghers, kings and tsars in order to deaden  hunger and as a delicacy. A taste, aromatic and medicinal properties of this plant have been appreciated by medicine and all cuisines worldwide. The onion is called “the queen of the vegetables”. The onions originate in Asia and India. Old chronicles indicated that the Egyptians were feeding the onions to slaves erecting giant tombs of pharaohs because the onions were preventing an epidemiological diseases transmission. The most probably the onions reached Central Europe from Italy.

The onion is a very healthy vegetable, rich in fibre, vitamin C, folic acid, numerous minerals and many phyto-chemical compounds with beneficial properties. Substances in the onions have a favourable impact on: a cholesterol management, a blood clothing and a protection the body against many chronic diseases including atheroscrerosis and some types of carcinomas.

The onion is an essential spice to dishes, salads, stews and soups. Different onions varieties are available:
1. Classic yellow – this one is the most popular and the most common in use.
2. Spring onion – with green chives is the great spice to omelettes, salads, pastes or sandwiches.
3. Shallot – mild, small onion, suitable for mild gravies and dishes.
4. Red onion – very attractive due to its colour, suitable for salads and hot dishes.
Possibilities of different varieties use are various. Only poultry (however it is a disputable matter for some people) and sweet desserts (indisputably) do not work with the onion. Except for those it could be added to every dish. The raw onions may be added to salads, cottage cheese pastes or sandwiches. They are the perfect spice to cooked, braised or seared meat, fish and the other vegetables, marinades and soups. The onions may be a main ingredient of dish, just like in the Pericles’ favourite dish: the onions with raisins braised in tomatoes and white wine sauce… The most favourite dishes in France – the country of gourmands – are: an onion soup and onions stuffed with meat, liver or champignons.