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Possible cut/calibration:
10*10*10 mm
20*20*20 mm
6 mm
10 mm
20 mm
35 mm
slices (wavy or straight cut)
6-8 mm


The courgette is a vegetable from cucurbits. This plant originates most likely in Italy. A club-shaped or cylindrical berry and…flowers are its edible parts. Stuffed and breaded flowers are the Italians’ and the Greeks’ delicacy. A great advantage of the courgettes is that they do not cumulate any heavy metals or nitrates.

Water content in the courgettes is 95%. That is a reason that the courgettes are a low-calorie product. 100 g of the courgettes contain barely 15 kcal – mainly from complex carbohydrates and a little volume of proteins. The courgettes, as well as the other vegetables, are a source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C. Dishes prepared with the courgettes provide magnesium and folic acid – B group vitamin.

The courgettes may be eaten raw: cut in stripes or as an ingredient of salads. They may be the ingredient of: cooked, braised, roasted or fried dishes. A mild taste of the courgettes do not significantly affect the taste of a dish which they were used for. The courgettes is generally used for cooking lecho and stews. They may be added to: soups, hunter’s stew and even baking. The courgettes may be stuffed and baked. After frying them, potato pancakes with addition of the grated courgettes become mild and spongy as well as less calorific. Beside eating them the raw courgettes may be used for a production of frozen and canned food. The courgette is the perfect vegetable for marinating and pickling.